Hi friends. In the spirit of my ongoing quest for transparency into the “black box”, I thought it would be cool to put together a general disclosure statement aimed to inform this community that I endorse a handful of brands, products, and services here on this blog or out in the world. In some cases I am given loaner gear, test gear, or even free gear. And I’m sometimes paid for my time to test, explore, push, break, develop, or otherwise use the stuff. Hell, this concept has even extended to clothes, beer, tacos, foot massages, sunglasses–you get the picture. This practice is common in many industries, especially the creative ones. We’re artists: we like new, free or discounted gear and the resources that enable us to make stuff. I don’t think that my engaging in this practice drives my opinion, but you can make your own decision. I only endorse certain brands, products, and services because I honestly like them, and I would not endorse anything in the name of gear or money alone. I’m not an editorial gear reviewer, or a “neutral” 3rd party, and I don’t claim to be an unbiased source for anything. I am in fact, just the opposite: I tend to be very particular about the equipment I chose and the brands with which I engage. Ultimately, I want you to know that I take full responsibility for my opinion and, as such, if I endorse anything it’s because I like it and think you might too.

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