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How to Overcome NO & Beat the System with Justin Simien

Chase welcomes film director, writer, and the artist Justin Simien to the show for a talk on how to overcome "NO" and beat the system.

Your Side Project Is Your Next Big Win w/ Tina Roth (aka swissmiss)

Chase welcomes swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) to the studio.

Daring Greatly to Unlock Your Creativity with Brené Brown

Chase welcomes author, scholar, and public speaker Brené Brown to his Seattle studio to discuss how to cultivate creativity.

Humans Of New York with Brandon Stanton

Chase welcomes Humans of New York photographer Brandon Stanton to the show to discuss his hugely popular photography project.

Get Off Your Ass & Get Noticed with Gary Vaynerchuk

Chase Jarvis welcomes author and social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk to his Seattle studio to discuss how to stand out in a noisy social world.

How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out with Marc Ecko

Chase welcomes artist/entrepreneur Marc Ecko to his Seattle studio to talk about Selling You Without Selling Out.

Steal Like an Artist with Austin Kleon

Chase welcomes the brilliant artist, speaker, and NY Times best seller Austin Kleon to the studio to discuss how to steal like an artist.

The Irreverence Episode (aka NOT GIVING A F#$%) — Author Julien Smith + Musical Guest MY GOODNESS

Chase welcomes New York Times best selling author Julien Smith to the studio to discuss the value of irreverence in creativity. PLUS a special in-studio performance from My Goodness.

Building a Creative Career + Life with Chris Guillebeau

Chase welcomes author, entrepreneur, and blogger Chris Guillebeau to the studio to discuss building a creative career.

Celebrity Photographer Chris Buck plus Concert + Musical Guest Hey Marseilles

Chase welcomes celebrity photographer Chris Buck and musical guests Hey Marseilles to the studio.

Survivorman Les Stroud: Produce the Creative Work & Life You Want

Les Stroud combined his love of the outdoors as a professional survival instructor with a passion for film and photography and created a new genre of television with the highest ratings in the history of both OLN Canada, the Science Channel US, and among the most popular shows ever on Discovery Channel US. But more importantly he created the life he wanted to live through his own creativity.

Photoshoot with the World’s Largest Mobile Camera

Ian Ruhter and his crew brought the world’s largest mobile camera to chasejarvisLIVE to share the process of wetplate photography with us. Ian’s project has attracted a ton of attention and is a great example of the power of personal work. He transformed his life to follow his dream to do something different in photography. He is living the mantra of doing something different not just better.

Creative Mastery, Power and Seduction with Robert Greene

The principles Robert Greene shares are gold for any creative working on improving their craft – OR just trying to discover their path as a creative – period. I learned a ton and I’m betting you will too. If you’re feeling “lost” as a creative Robert reveals how to discover your passion and pursue it. And each of us have a unique composition that is our greatest asset.

Be Bold, Be Different - Travis Rice and the Art of Flight

You’ve heard me say it before – don’t sink all your effort into being incrementally better. Instead be DIFFERENT. Be BOLD. This episode of chasejarvisLIVE was focused specifically on this simple idea. And my special guests for this episode epitomize this ‘different’ and ‘bold’ mantra as well as anyone I know. These guys aren’t ensconced in the “this is how it is” photo industry – they’re innovators from a parallel universe….

The Evolution of Your Creative Rights

In this new age of media, have you ever wondered how to share, promote and pimp your photos and videos using social sharing tools, but maintain your rights to them? What if someone wants to buy, license, use, or copy your work? Ever had a photo or video of yours “go viral” or get liked, +1′d, or retweeted like crazy? If not, do yo wish you had? Ever want to make money with your photos? Tune in for valuable answers to these questions.

The Future for Creatives: Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, technical evangelist, blogger, and singular media power in the start-up community, comes to the Garage to talk with Chase about the current and future state of technology for creatives, his mastery of all things tech + social and what's getting his attention today. A don't-miss episode for anyone interested in learning about the products and companies poised to change your world + help you make better art.

Manipulate the Media: Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a media genius who hires and fires creatives–photographers,and more people just like us– AND he promotes, inflates and hacks some of the biggest names and brands in the world. He’s also the Director of Marketing for American Apparel. Oh, and he’s just 24 years old. Must see for anyone working to understand today's complex media landscape.

Special from the Rooftop of ACE hotel NYC

Chase Jarvis announces his newest photographic collaboration, Dasein: An Invitation to Hang, from New York City and fields questions live to tell you how to take part in the ongoing exhibition.

The Artist as CEO: Zoë Keating

Now more than ever before, we artists are entrepreneurs. Born from opportunity or necessity or both, we have become the CEO’s of ourselves. Zoe explains how to share, market, strategize, license, sell, distribute, invest, manage, and collect on that art for yourself.

Hollywood Creative: Adrian Grenier

You most likely know Adrian Grenier as ‘Vincent Chase’ the studly star of the HBO Series Entourage. But on this episode of chasejarvisLIVE and you’ll learn that being a well-rounded creative is the new black – even at the highest levels.

Concert: The Lumineers

This broadcast is a gorgeous, intimate in-studio performance from the band. The interview illuminates how they pulled through creative blocks, hardship and struggle to find their voice, craft a vision, and a create a path over the hurdles that keep so many artists down. Getting to know this group first hand is a lesson in creativity.

How to Get Your Art Noticed: Guy Kawasaki

Chase welcomes bestselling author, venture capitalist, and Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki to The Garage for one of the most compelling episodes of cjLIVE to date. More than just funny and talented, Kawasaki is a fountain of knowledge on branding, marketing, and vision–down to really specific, actionable checklists for getting your art, photography, product, or gadget noticed

All Day Shoot with the Phantom Camera

Chase puts the $150,000 Phantom Flex camera through its paces during an experimental fashion shoot with my good friend, director Will Hyde from Superfad. We had superhot female talent, an epic wardrobe, do-it-yourself solutions mixed with the highest end pro gear, and more than 50,000 watts of light. Here's the 6-hour shoot into a tight show.

Remix Master Mike Relm [concert]

Chase welcomes Mike Relm to talk editing Iron Man trailers for Jon Favreau, and how the remix is effecting our culture. There’s a saying that you should understand. It’s “TALENT IMITATES. GENIUS STEALS.”Now before your undies get in a wad, I’m not saying steal work and pretend it’s you’re own. More deeply, I’m asking a question. Do you want to understand and set free your most creative work? Then pay attention to this episode.

"I Will Make You Rich" Author: Ramit Sethi

Chase welcomes business guru Ramit Sethi to The Garage to share his advice for what it takes to be successful as an artist.

Portfolio Review: Allegra Wilde

Chase welcomes world-renowned creative coach & portfolio reviewer, Allegra Wilde of to The Garage. Great episode for photographers looking for advice on creating the best portfolio possible.

Concert with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis [special guest Chryde]

Chase welcomes Blogotheque/Takeaway Shows creator Christophe "Chryde" Abric and Seattle hip hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for a conversation on creating a life of art. Performance by Macklemore!

Activism in Art: Chris Jordan

This powerful episode will make you cry. Chase welcomes photographer Chris Jordan to the Garage to discuss activism in art, changing careers, filmmaking, and Chris' recent projects that examine the heart-wrenching effects of consumerism on wildlife.

Building The 4-hour Body: Tim Ferriss

Chase welcomes #1 New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss to The Garage for a conversation about Tim's scientific methods, the process of writing and his process in creaeting the massive successes "The 4-Hour Body" and "The 4-Hour Work Week."

The Music Business with Sir Mix A Lot

Chase welcomes hip hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot into the studio for an in-depth conversation on the evolution of hip hop & how the music business has evolved. Mix drops some serious knowledge in a smart and funny conversation that goes well beyond his 1990s hits.

Concert: We Are Augustines

Chase welcomes Brooklyn based band We Are Augustines to The Garage to discuss overcoming the struggles in making a living as an artist and to perform some songs from their upcoming album.

Conversation with a Creative Director: Jason Sutherland

Chase welcomes REI Associate Creative Director Jason Sutherland into The Garage to field questions about their recent photo/video campaign collaboration and much more.

Secrets of Commitment: Mike Horn

Chase welcomes the world's foremost Explorer to discuss commitment, passion and what keeps you moving after 2 years of walking around the Arctic circle or months of swimming the Amazon solo.

Creative Vision: Vincent Laforet

Chase welcomes Pulitzer Prize winning photographer/filmmaker Vincent Laforet to The Garage for a one on one chat on what it takes to succeed in the creative world.

The World of Celebrity Photography with Jeremy Cowart

Chase sits down with fellow photographer Jeremy Cowart and talks about art, process, personal work, and the democratization of photography.

Concert + Conversation: Ra Scion & Charles Mudede cjLIVE

Chase holds a round table discussion with two amazing cultural figures, RA Scion (common market, victor shade) and writer, filmmaker, and critic Charles Mudede. [musical performance]

The New Wedding Photography: Jasmine Star

Chase sits down with nationally recognized wedding photographer and personality Jasmine Star. In just 4 years Jasmine has become a winner of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers Worldwide” by American Photo Magazine and has developed a reputation a leading wedding photo instructor. They talk about wedding photography, commercial photography, rates, life, and more.

Food & Culture: Penny De Los Santos

Chase sits down with National Geographic Photographer, Penny De Los Santos & founder/CEO Barnaby Dorfman to talk about food culture, and photography.

Secrets of Great Photography with Zack Arias

A conversation on all things photography with Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias. This video was recorded live on June 9th 2010.