No, But I Can Learn

Do you know how to load a roll of film? Work a light meter? Edit slides on a light table? Scan film? Color correct scans? Track a photo inventory? Submit photos to clients? Work with a stock agency? Make prints? Pack a camera bag? Ship equipment? Set up lights? Scout a location? Drive on the left side of the road? Order food in French? Clean a digital sensor? Work in Photoshop? Create a workflow? Edit a Portfolio? Build a creative brief? Create a composite image? Shoot from a helicopter? Work 30 days straight (with a hangover)? Use a prototype camera? Shoot and edit video? Manage a huge equipment inventory? Develop filters for a photo app? Layout a book? Film a TV show? Write a magazine article? Build a community? Hang an art installation? Survive in Manhattan? Film a Live broadcast? Write a blog post? I didn’t. When I started working in photography as Chase’s assistant, I was a blank slate. I like to think I still am. Many of these skills have become obsolete. Others did not even exist when I started. Knowing how to do everything is not the goal. Knowing that you can learn is everything.